Pinecroft Centre for the Arts

2013 will see the launch of the New “Pinecroft Centre for the Arts”. Joined by second generation potter Tony Clennell and his wife Sheila, we will be developing a location where the arts will be prevalent.  Our goal is to start with pottery and move on to music and visual arts in many mediums.Our Vision is tocapitalize on the potential assets of Pinecroft and realize its potential as an educational and creative centre for ceramics in Ontario.

We have a mandateto become a leader in ceramic professional development by offering a range of professional and emerging artists intensive creative work experiences in a conducive natural environment. We want to provide affordable and accessible professional development to a wide range of clay practitioners from amateur to professional by exposing them to high caliber teaching/demonstrations through

  •  Projects and residencies :  involve partnerships with local guilds, schools and arts organizations
  •  Special firings program : offer opportunities for groups to participate in Raku, Gas and Wood Firings
  •  Summer residency mentorship program
  •  Youth art programs  : offer summer art programs for children 7 – 12
  •  Self directed winter residencies : time, space and facilities to create in our studio Artist exhibitions

The spring of 2013 will be an exciting time for Pinecroft.  The Centre will be offering a variety of  workshops with some of the country’s most well known potters. The construction of our new Wood Kiln will bring a new dimension to the teaching that we will be able to offer. This Kiln and the Centre for the Arts has been a dream of ours for a while now and could not be made possible without the generous support we have received from the local community & friends of the Centre.

Pottery Classes

Pottery Workshops