The Jammin Cabin

The Jammin’ Cabin has grown out of a love of music and life and as such has brought another dimension of the arts to Pinecroft. A jam is defined as a musical session where musicians gather and play without extensive preparation or predefined arrangements: improvisation . Sessions grew slowly around the firepit in the evenings in the summer of 2008 and as the weather got cooler moved into a cabin on the property across from the pottery studio. One of the first cabins on the property the jam sessions have breathed new life and a sense of purpose into the cabin.

The sessions are always lively, unstructured and foremost they are fun. Memorable music has been made, usually of the bluegrass/folk/country genre, but one might hear anything. One also never knows who might show up at the Cabin. Valdy has jammed here as has Terry Sumsion.

2009 saw the Jammin Cabin Stage come to life….on the edge of the pond facing a grassy clearing the music drifts across the water and sweeps under the trees. Customers of the tearoom wander across the pond to enjoy the summer jams in a relaxed peaceful setting.



Open jams are starting again for the 2018 season on Saturday March 3rd and running every other Saturday after that.

Remember, if you play an instrument bring it along and jam at the cabin or on the stage. All are welcome!

Please no alcohol, coolers or smoking on the property!